GOLD CERA Group of companies has made it a tradition of Introducing Revolutionary Innovations. Since the start of the group's manufacturing activities, we have been leaders in innovations.

We are adding one more GOLD CERA concept for the world to behold. We are proud to introduce to the ceramic world, the revolution called DIGITAL PRINTING. We have made all the technological as well as design and Development exercises and are ready to storm the markets with these mind boggling new products.

For details, Digital Printing Technology in ceramic tiles enables us to print anything and every thing onto the tiles with Unlimited & Everlasting Colours. Feel Effect with Punches, Grooves & Tappers. Unlike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. With this technology, your logo or your photos can be printed onto the tiles.

Whatever you or your designer can image, GOLD CERA can now deliver. We have made advancements in the technology to such a level that we can boast to be the real leader in Customer Satisfaction as well.

As our Channel Partners, Dealers, Distributors and Retailers, you can be elated to sell this great Digital Print Range to your customers. What you offer to them now can be made as exclusive to their desires.

C - Close to our clients by listening to their needs and adapting to market requtrements

E - Excellence in producing high-quality products that offers best value-for-money

R - Redefining the product innovation and design process

A -Accountable to its clients, trade partners, stakeholders and employees

M - Motivate employees to develop them into future entrepreneurs

I - Integrity of the management towards the organisational goals

C - Committed to the society by contributing towards a healthy environment

S - Sustainability in every sphere of business

Through our commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction, we will meet our challenging goals by our constant efforts to shape the future.

We are committed to delivering the products with compelling designs, flawless quality and reliability, and designing features.

Highest performance with highest ethics

Responsible – Committed to ethical and responsible actions.

Excellent – Achieving high performance and excellent results.

Innovative – Being innovative to create sustainable value.